Kick Butt Year for the Real Estate – Proscenium at Rockwell

Kick Butt Year for the Real Estate – Proscenium at Rockwell

It looks like the previous year ended up in quite a good note for the real estate sector, enough to propel the New Year to an upbeat start. The government’s support to heightened property development activity in the country is noteworthy. This definitely conjures up a more positive ambiance even more for prime property development projects including Rockwell’s Proscenium. Let’s hear more about this report from the Bangko Sentral.

Bank exposures to real estate up in Q2 – Bangko Sentral

The amount of exposure of Philippine banks to the real estate sector increased in in the second quarter of the year from a quarter earlier, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas reported Wednesday.

In a statement, the central bank said real estate exposure of universal, commercial and thrift banks stood at P900.1 billion as of end-June, up 6.8 percent from P842.6 billion as of end-March.

Bulk or 84.7 percent of the exposure was made up of real estate loans (RELs) to bankroll acquisition, construction and improvement of housing units. RELs grew 6.6 percent quarter-on-quarter to P762.5 billion.

The rest of bank’s exposure comprised of investments in real estate securities, which grew 8.3 percent to P137.7 billion.

The numbers were based on central bank’s new reporting system that covers loans to developers of socialized and low-cost housing, loans to individuals, loans supported by non-risk collateral or Home Guarantee Corporation, investment in securities to finance real estate activities, as well as exposure by banks’ trust departments to the property sector.

Under Memorandum No. 2012-046, the central bank told banks to report more types of credit and investments in the real estate sector, casting a wider net in capturing the financial system’s exposure to the property industry.

The central bank said it is “keen on monitoring the credit conditions that support the heightened activity in property development to prevent potential impairment of intermediation.” – Sieg Alegado/VS, GMA News (Nov. 20, 2013)/ Source:



Proscenium at Rockwell: At the Cutting-Edge of Property Development

Discover Proscenium at Rockwell CENTER Makati

The Proscenium at Rockwell is  at the Cutting-Edge of Property Development in Makati City.

The Proscenium is the latest luxury residentail development of  Rockwell  Land Corporation, the Philippines’ premier property developer. Known for its cutting-edge architecturally designed properties and residences.   Aptly called “The Proscenium”,  Rockwell’s  newest  prime property offering  sprawls  a 3.6 hectare expansion at the Rockwell Center.  It is the latest addition to Rockwell’s pre-selling luxury condos up for grab by fast and smart property enthused trackers and canny residents.

Proscenium – A World Class Residences

Such awesome condominium concept is no big surprise given that The Proscenium was designed by  a world-class and stellar architect Carlos Ott.  The development  features spacious and premium unit cuts following  West Block’s legacy.

Anticipated haven for Filipino businessmen and  professionals as well as expatriates , The Proscenium  will  showcase Rockwell luxury lifestyle, where clients  can be assured of utmost comfort, spaciousness, safety and functionality combined with modernizing  artistry  and distinctive luxury living experience.

In the hope of instilling and preserving the intrinsic value of art in peoples’ lifestyle both  for the present and succeeding generations, the Proscenium will house a state- of- the art museum and a performing arts theater.


Proscenium at Rockwell

The Proscenium Towers

1st Tower      –  Kirov                                                                                                                       Click the link below  for a short video of Proscenium Kirov Tower                                 —-> 

2nd Tower    –   Sakura                                                                                                                   Click the link below for a short video of Proscenium Sakura Tower                              —–>

3rd Tower     – Lincoln                                                                                                                   Click the link below for a  short video of Proscenium Lincoln Tower                             —–>


Click the link below                                        

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Rockwell Power Plant Mall

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at Rockwell Powerplant Mall.

Spread love this season and throughout the year.
Have a Merry & Blessed Christmas !

Would you live to visit Rockwell Powerplant Mall this Season of Love ?
Click the video below for Christmas at Rockwell Power Plant Mall
Makati City.

Click the link below (Christmas at Rockwell Power Plant Mall)  to watch the video in YOU TUBE                                                                                                                                             —->Christmas at Rockwell Power Plant Mall

Click the links below for other YOU TUBE VIDEOS of Rockwell’s latest residential development THE PROSCENIUM at Rockwell.

Click the link below for a walkthrough of  Proscenium  at Rockwell        



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Rockwell Proscenium Kirov Tower 3BR & Den 48th Floor

Rockwell Proscenium Kirov Tower 3BR & Den 48th Floor

rockwel proscenium kirov tower

Click the link below for a short video of Kirov Tower

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