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This is traditionally the section of a website where you learn more about  the author / site owner – in this case Rinna Pasia –  in the third person. You may read  things like, “Rinna was born and raised in Metro Manila, Philippines on a normal diet of books, friends, family, school, church . . . ” which is correct, or “hype hype hype Rinna Pasia hype hype , hype . . . is an AMAZING person,” and make her sound really exciting.

But the truth is, I am really excited about the things Rinna has done as well as the things she’s about to do, and I am Rinna Pasia. So I will tell you as myself.

1) I was brought up managing a small grocery business  by my parents. This business had  served as a strong foundation of my life. And this has become the core discipline of the real estate business that  I now make on my own.  I enjoy doing business and would like others to enjoy doing business with me, too.

2) I’m an introvert. I get energy from being on my own, though I love people and conversations.  Engaging people also fills my energy cup right up. This is why I happily get out on trips and share new real estate development sites  with  interested people.

3) I am an independent person and yet appreciate friendship and collaborations. I like to take time and make sure every step I take is in line with my core value of honesty and with who I am.  I would not be where I am today without the help, support, encouragement, guidance, and love of my parents , especially my mother, and from those I’ve met  along the way. This life is a gift, and like a seed, I’d like to take care of it, let it bloom, so I have enough to give back several times over.

4) Some other things about me

– Passed the real estate licensure exam and not without struggle since it’s not really that easy(for me). Got more and more interested and enjoyed visiting nice real estate properties within and outside Metro Manila and would like very much  to share my passion in finding ideal home or investment project to anyone  . . . like YOU.

– Regularly participate in the celebration of the Holy Mass and attend the Feast  of Bro. Bo Sanchez / Bro. Alvin Barcelona at the PICC almost every Sunday for the past 5  years. It’s good for the soul.

Let’s talk about how I may help you.
I will be glad to assist you in finding your ideal residence here in the Philippines.
Mobile number : +63.915.495.2278
Email addresss : philippinespremierproperties@gmail.com

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